My work is primarily concerned with an image of American masculinity embedded in the popular culture of the past. Motivated by deep-rooted connections and lifelong interests, I seek to unravel personal and national histories, particularly the mythologies of the American West, and the U.S military. 

I mine old photographs, newspapers and other discarded print material- ephemeral things whose story continues to resonate as time passes. Closely reproducing this material is a labor of love, and my hope is not to merely replicate that which already exists, but to look closely and honestly at these forgotten and abandoned things. It is during this delicate process of replication that a relationship develops between the object of study, the painting, and myself. I am continually intrigued by, and often held captive to, the humble details that reveal themselves in this act of looking. By exploring the gaps and connections between history and mythology, object and observer, I strive to tease out a subtler story than the one evident on the page.

One thought on “statement

  1. Omg; Hi Allegra, Hows the search for residency going?
    This is Christopher Battle we briefly met on Broadway in front of the Art foundation in downtown where you had an appointment at and i showed you my drawings about 3 to 4 weeks ago !!! Well your Beauty (smile) is what interested me and now that i finally viewed your skills; i did not even know, assume that you draw. I really like your hand work as an artists. The scenery work of the Landscapes you do are really Cool makes me stare in awe.

    Well as i mentioned i’m new to this art scene world and your advice on how to maneuver threw it, would be sincerely much appreciated. if i can also be of assistance during your art endeavors i would be more then willing to support you however physically/Mentally possible to give back help out.

    Contact me @ 323 213 8638

    lets continue to stay in touch is why i made sure i doubled back to check you out…

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